Meet Caroline...

Height:5'7"/ 170 cm
Weight:130 lbs / 59 kg
Measurements:36C-25-36 / 91C-66-91
Hair:Brown, Curly and Long
Shoe Size:8
Dress Size:4 (but I never wear them...)
Age:Child of the '80s
Education:Masters Degree
What I Do:Comic character; star of &Caroline's In Trouble Again!
Super-Powers:Super Strength, Invulnerability, Unbearable cuteness ;-)
Weaknesses:Lose all super-powers when tickled or laughing

Now Meet the Villianous Slade Family!

Grunella Slade: The feisty red-head is the only child of the evil Dr. Evan Slade. Grunella grew up pampered, privileged and with a mean streak rivaled by none! Grunella developed a fierce tickle fetish early on in life, and often organized tickle attacks on her campus rivals in college. After graduation, Grunella declined her father's offer to run his lucrative research business and instead used her considerable trust fund to start a continuing criminal enterprise that has grown to dominate the entire city. Despite her status as a busy criminal mastermind, Grunella always finds time to indulge her passion for tickling on Caroline!

Dr. Evan Slade: A billionaire businessman and founder of the largest genetic and chemical research organization in America, Dr. Slade is a well-respected PhD by day, and an evil Dr. Frankenstein by night. His ties to government research and large yearly political donations afford the doctor ample opportunity to get what he wants from the political types in Washington, be it a huge contract or access to a certain hand-picked army officer that he turned into a human tickle toy!

Yuko Maeda-Slade: Formerly Grunella's personal assistant, Yuko caught the eye of Dr. Evan Slade and, seeing big $$$ in her future, convinced the good doctor to marry her. As a result, she is no longer Grunella's assistant but is now her stepmother and an heir to the vast Slade fortune. Yuko also possesses a talent for foot tickling that is second to none!

L.I.T.A. (the Long-term Intense Tickling Android): Created by Dr. Slade on a whim one day when he was tinkering in his workshop, L.I.T.A. was originally designed as a robotic maid to clean the Slade Mansion. Upon Caroline's arrival, Grunella had her father re-tool his creation into a merciless tickling machine who's sole purposed is to tickle-torture Caroline when she gets out of hand..which is often!