About C.I.T.A.

Caroline's In Trouble Again! is an adult fetish-oriented comic focusing on the twisted, sadistic misadventures of the beautiful, super-powered diva Caroline. Caroline finds herself the target of on going set-ups and relentless sneak attacks. She is mercilessly preyed upon by mad scientists, back-stabbing friends, dommes and dungeon masters, and ruthless gangs of bad guys hell bent on her suffering, humiliation and degredation.Caroline's foes and frienimies specialize in developing and inflicting the most devious, insane and torturous schemes on their unwitting victim. Caroline uses her superior strength, invulnerability and unyielding willpower to valiantly battle against the odds stacked high against her. However, at every turn she inevitably falls in defeat, leading to yet another agonizing demise. Enter the CITA universe to see the hottest character around tormented in every way imaginable...but beware, her exotic, excruciating torture will be FAR worse than anything you can imagine!